It’s that time of the year again, when we’re running in the shopping malls to find the perfect Christmas gifts for our loved ones.  

Let us give you a few tips on how to find the perfect gift. 


1. Say that you care 

Your gift can send a strong message. It can say “I care about you”, “I think you are precious and unique, and I would give anything to make sure you are always safe”. The gift you choose can provide a solution to a problem they may already have shared with you. And it can be an opportunity to convey something that might be hard to say out loud.  
However, diplomacy is important. So too, are expectations. If your loved one was hoping to receive something romantic, a vacuum cleaner – in as much as it is a highly useful item – might not be very enthusiastically received. And any item categorized as ‘personal hygiene’ should be another Christmas no-no. As essential as these things are, they need to be as far from your Christmas tree as you’d like to be from Great Uncle Hugo at the Christmas table. Christmas can be tricky at the best of times. There’s no need to further tempt fate. 
A great starting point would be to write down what you wish to say, and then choose the most relevant gift accordingly. The best gifts come from the people who have carefully considered the message behind it. 

2. Gift quality 

When you think of those possessions that you treasure the most, they’re likely to be objects that you’ve had for a long time, with lasting value. In these times of conspicuous consumption, and with rightfully more attention being paid to sustainability, gifting for the long-term is more important than ever. Quality is itself a true mark of deeper purpose and meaning. 
To assess true quality, it’s essential to do your research.  If you’re gifting an object, take a good look at the materials used to create the object, how it’s made, as well as where it comes from. Compare your findings with similar brands. Reading online reviews is always helpful. 

3. Be mindful of the recipient’s needs 

Taste is very much a personal. It’s important to choose a gift that suits the recipient. Doing so may require us to think outside the box, and shop in categories which may not feel familiar.    
Finding out what your loved one might need could help in your search of the perfect gift. Ask a mutual friend or another family member for advice. Have they recently taken up a new hobby that would require tools to enhance their creativity. Or have they recently become more mindful of their health?  
Ask yourself the right questions about the recipient and what you know about them. Most people will appreciate the thought you’ve put into finding the right gift for them. 


This year, when looking for gifts, be sure to give yourself time to plan ahead, so that you can find something suitable for your loved ones, and which is of long-lasting value. The FERRONATO range provides some very interesting options for gifting. Part fashion, part technology, FERRONATO RFID bags have inbuilt privacy protection, which not only blocks electromagnetic waves from interacting with devices, but also has unmistakeable cues of high style and luxury. The range combines aesthetic with function in a revolutionary new way, just in time for Christmas.      


Gift a faraday briefcase for your loved ones who travel frequently for business and work with sensitive information. With data theft becoming an increasing threat, gift them a smart solution to show you always have their back.  


Your mom uses her tablet to read books, look at photos and videocall her friends. However, she has been having troubles sleeping and she thinks it might be because of her electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Show that you care about her health and gift her a EMF tablet sleeve to fit her specific need. 


Your girlfriend loves fashion and is also very passionate about new technology. Send her the best message with a FERRONATO RFID clutch, which – due to its inbuilt privacy technology – not only keeps her data safe at all times but is also superbly handcrafted by Italian artisans. 


All FERRONATO accessories are lined with MetaFab® to block electromagnetic waves such as GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM and RFI. Protecting both your health and your data, gifting FERRONATO means caring for your loved ones. With all these added benefits, each accessory is so much more than its stylishly crafted exterior. As the saying goes, the whole really is greater than the sum of its parts. And after all, isn’t that what we should expect from a Christmas gift?  

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