The Family

Over 4 generations and 117 years, the Ferronato Family have endeavoured to transform the world by transmitting their considerable know-how across various disciplines.


From Italy to Switzerland

Our story began in 1906 when Italian-born Giovanni Ferronato established a moulded products manufacturing company in the Swiss city of Lugano.

Introducing New Technologies

In 1952, the Family’s second generation, Natale Ferronato reshaped the business and introduced new diamond technology tools. In the 1960s, he handed the company responsibilities to Maryse Ferronato, who steered the company for the next decade into its third generation, when the current group chairman, Sandro Ferronato, assumed responsibilities in 1980.


From Local Business to Global Enterprise

From the 1980s onwards, under the leadership of Sandro Ferronato, the Ferronato KGS Group reached greater heights and expanded into 21 branches across 15 countries. Today, the group is globally renowned, with a formidable reputation in the field of abrasives technology.

The KGS Group launches Ferronato as its Latest Innovation

With cybercrime and data theft becoming a global concern, Sandro Ferronato, together with his daughter Alessia Ferronato, introduced, in 2022 under the Ferronato name, the world’s first luxury range designed around Swiss privacy technology to protect people’s data and well-being.

Meet Alessia Ferronato

An entrepreneur at heart, committed to the cause of enhanced privacy and well-being, and relentless dedication that matches her passion; Alessia Ferronato is the fourth-generation business leader behind the Ferronato brand.

Alessia was involved with the family business from a very young age, often attending team-building events as a teenager. Her Master‘s degree in Work and Organizational Psychology, hands-on approach, and insightful acumen are the main factors propelling Ferronato towards continuing the family legacy and becoming a success story in its own right.