Frequently asked question


What is a faraday cage?


A Faraday Cage is a metallic enclosure that blocks out electromagnetic radiation and signals. It is named after the famed scientist Michael Faraday, who invented it in 1836.


What kind of frequencies do the bags block?


Our products block electromagnetic frequencies and interferences, including Cellular networks (including 5G), Satellite, GPS, GSM, Bluetooth, RFID, NFC, WiFi, radio frequencies and extremely low frequencies.            


If I switch my phone or tablet to airplane mode, isn’t it the same as putting it into a Ferronato bag?


Great question! There are studies that suggest that your location can be tracked in airplane mode. Your phone still tries to connect to Bluetooth and WiFi, thus not all signals are automatically turned off when you switch to it. Devices from certain brands are known to reserve the phone’s battery for location tracking even when the device loses power. Inserting your phone in a Ferronato bag gives you perfect anonymity. It’s the physical manifestation of going completely off-grid.


What is Metafab™?


Metafab™ is our premier metallised fabric, made in Switzerland, that blocks electromagnetic signals, to shield you from radiation and protect any electronic device or communication channel from snooping. It is embedded in our range of bags and accessories to form a formidable Faraday Cage.


Where can I purchase a Ferronato bag?


We’re excited that you are interested in purchasing a Ferronato product. You can shop for one of our accessories online on your respective region’s webshop. If you are in Switzerland, you can visit our flagship store in Lausanne for a hands-on demonstration of our timeless pieces. We are working towards onboarding and adding more retailers in the near future.


How soon after placing my order will I receive my Ferronato bag?


We strive to get your product to you as soon as possible. We take 2 days to process your order. Transit time of our express shipment is up to 5 days depending on where you are located.


How do I know if my Ferronato phone sleeve or cardholder is working?


One of the simplest ways to figure out if the Phone Sleeve inside your Ferronato Bag is working is to insert your phone inside, wait for 30 seconds and then call the phone. If your phone does not ring, you can assume that the sleeve is working. Our wallets and cardholders also offer RFID protection for your cards. Insert your credit card into our cardholder, and try paying at checkout. Our Metafab™ technology will block the RFID chip from being scanned.


Where is the Ferronato range manufactured?


Ethical Manufacturing is a huge part of Ferronato’s ideology. Our shielding fabric is produced and lab-tested in Switzerland and our range is exclusively manufactured by skilled artisans in Italy - the home of fine craftsmanship. Local manufacturing also allows us to reduce our carbon footprint significantly.


Once my phone is inserted into the Ferronato phone sleeve, will I still be able to receive calls?


No, once you insert your phone into the Metafab™ Sleeve of the Ferronato product, you will no longer be able to receive phone calls as all signals including cellular will be blocked. The person calling you will reach your voicemail and you will be able to see missed calls as soon you pull your device out. We have crafted our bags to equip you with the choice of going off-grid or remaining connected. You can place your phone in the front pocket if you wish to receive calls but note that you won’t be shielded anymore. Ferronato’s shielding technology was created to help you avoid being tracked, listened to, and hacked at specific moments such as private conversations. In a hyperconnected world, our solution provides you with the ability to digitally disconnect for as little or as long as you wish.


What happens if I insert my device into the Metafab™ sleeve while it is still switched on? Will my data still be protected?


Yes, your data remains protected inside the Metafab™ sleeve even whilst your phone is turned on. By blocking all signals, the sleeve is able to render remote hacking and RFID tap devices used to steal your information useless.


What is the warranty on my Ferronato product?


Each Ferronato product comes with an exclusive three (3) year, global warranty. This means that should the product experience issues due to a manufacturing defect, we promise to repair or replace the product for you within the warranty period.


I travel frequently. What will happen if I take my Ferronato bag through airport security?


You can take your Ferronato bag with you through airport security without any concerns. There’s nothing contained in any of our products that isn’t compliant with airport security.


Are Ferronato bags waterproof?


No, our products are not meant to be waterproof. We recommend avoiding contact with water to prolong the life of your accessory.


What type of leather is used in the Ferronato bags?


We use Italian calf leather sourced from ethically responsible suppliers who adhere to strict environmental standards in the production of all our products. We continue to innovate and evolve and are committed to integrating new materials into our production. We are in the process of developing vegan leather bags and fabric-based bags to ensure everyone’s needs are met.


How should I use and take care of my Ferronato product?


Instructions with regard to how to use and care for your Ferronato Product are included in the reading material supplied with each product. To ensure your accessory remains in perfect condition, please avoid contact with water. Always use a cleaner specifically made for leather and wipe with a clean cloth. And finally, maintain proper storage as temperature fluctuations can spoil the authentic leather.