Have you ever tapped your credit card to pay at the supermarket? This contactless mode of transaction is such a super simple and efficient method, especially if you are on the go.

However, despite the convenience of this method, it still poses some great risks, one of which is theft. So, what do you do in this case? You can always invest in an RFID-Blocking Wallet!


What is RFID? 

Your passport, bank cards, ID cards, key cards, and any other contactless cards contain a microchip that functions via Radio Frequencies Identification, also commonly known as RFID. 

RFID uses radio waves to read, transmit, and record data from these contactless cards. 

RFID tags are popular because they are less expensive and are conveniently small. However, RFID poses a security threat as RFID tags may be remotely read, which means that your passport, payment cards, and/or IDs do not need to be in direct line of sight to be accessed. 

In a bid to counter this problem, the RFID Tag Wallet was created. So, what is this wallet and how does it work? 


What is an RFID-Blocking Wallet? 

An RFID tag wallet blocks the electromagnetic signal that your card emits because it is covered in aluminum, metalized fabric, or carbon fiber. Similar to a Faraday cage, the wallet blocks off and eliminates electromagnetic waves. 

This RFID blocker for wallets does not allow scanners to access your contactless cards and keeps you from worrying about any potential threats. The blocking system has proven to be one of the most efficient ways to keep you protected at all times.  


How Does the RFID-Blocking Wallet Work? 

RFID-blocking wallets work as shields and generally function in several ways. 

1. RFID depletes the transmitting signal power, which is needed to operate your card's chip. The chip cannot convey a response if it is not receiving enough power to operate. This is why such wallets are referred to as RFID chip wallets as well.
2. Alternatively, RFID signals can be deflected or absorbed by passive shields or guards. Usually, the blocking technology emits an interfering signal, which essentially reads your card as a different one, giving the reader a card clash problem.


When Should You Consider Buying an RFID-Blocking Wallet? 

If you’re concerned about your data security, wallets with RFID blocking are a great option. Despite many arguing that there is little possibility that someone will attempt to scan your card covertly, thefts have become craftier as new strategies are surfacing. 

So, when should you consider buying an RFID-Blocking Wallet? 

1. If you frequently carry around your ID cards or credit cards with you
2. When your old wallet needs replacing. Why not buy a new one with some extra protection? 
3. When you intend to avoid unintentional purchases when your wallet is too close to the scanner
4. When you are always on the go with travel trips and need some extra security

Ferronato’s RFID-Blocking Wallets and Cardholders not only guarantee the safety and security of your valuable data but also make an undeniable fashionable statement with our premium quality Italian leather and their sleek design. 


Where Can You Buy an RFID-Blocking Wallet? 

Ferronato offers a selection of fashionable, highly efficient RFID-Blocking wallets and cardholders that are made with premium quality Italian leather and come in different colors and sizes. Our Men’s RFID wallets have the ability to protect your cards from theft with some holding as many as six cards at once. 

Ferronato takes pride in its unparalleled Metafab™ Technology, which makes use of metalized fabric to effectively block electromagnetic signals. The Metafab shielding fabric has been at the forefront of innovation, being used in space missions and ocean explorations. By integrating Metafab™  Technology into our RFID chip wallet, we provide our customers with unrivaled peace of mind. 


 What makes a wallet RFID-proof?

RFID Tag Wallets and Cardholders block unwanted electromagnetic signals. Using a layer of carbon fiber, metalized fabric, or aluminum, the RFID-blocking wallet forms what is coined as the ‘Faraday Cage.’ This approach blocks signals and keeps your cards as safe as can be.


What is the Bottom Line? 

Through RFID skimming, scanners might be used to take account information from your contactless cards when they are in close proximity. 

Using an RFID-blocking wallet can help protect you against identity theft and fraud that might arise from electronic pickpocketing. Check out Ferronato’s top RFID wallets if you want to put a virtual barrier around your tap-to-pay cards without worrying about theft or about someone secretly skimming your information all the time.



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