The Phone Sleeve


With a MetaFab® compartment for your phone, and another for credit cards, all it takes is a single snap of the magnetic closure to instantly go off-grid. 

No Tracking
No Listening
No Stealing
No Radiation
Starting at CHF 590
Delivery Estimated From: March 17

Product dimensions: 22.5 cm (w) x 12 cm (h)
This product is suitable for phones up to 8,3 cm x 16,8 cm


Two compartments
Snap lock flap


Made with premium Italian leather and high-end MetaFab™.


Your order will be processed in the next working day. Shipment may vary between 1-5 business day depending on location. You will receive the estimated delivery date and tracking number via e-mail after purchase.


Inside each Ferronato product is a lining made of MetaFab®, our Swiss-engineered, metallised fabric. With its powerful signal-blocking capabilities, MetaFab® shields devices and cards from electromagnetic interferences, keeping your data safe.
Our range of products are lined in such a way with MetaFab® so as to protect your body from exposure to harmful electromagnetic waves emitted from your devices. 

Italian Handcrafted

Each Ferronato piece is handcrafted down to the last detail by the finest ateliers in Italy, using premium quality leather.

Protected With Style

Owning a Ferronato piece means always having the freedom of choice. Choosing to safeguard your precious data, or choosing to protect yourself against exposure to harmful electromagnetic waves. These choices are sacred.

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More Information
Material Leather
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