7 Reasons You Need a Faraday Bag

Wait, pause, and ponder. In this hyperconnected world, your privacy is at stake, and financial or personal information breaches have become much more common. It doesn’t matter whether your mobile phone is ‘safely’ stashed in your bag; before you know it, your security has been compromised.

Think this is an isolated scenario? Think again. According to the Financial Trade Commission (FTC), in 2021 alone, 2,789,161 cases of fraud were reported resulting in an estimated $5,893,260,382 in losses. A portion of which likely resulted from data breaches.

A 2022 Study by John Buzzard suggests that an unfathomable $52 billion was stolen from unwitting Americans by identity thieves. And it gets worse; 65,535 people lost more than $10,000 from fraud cases in 2021. Data breaches were once again the contributing factor.

As data theft becomes commonplace, the need of the hour is innovative solutions that reiterate the importance of privacy and security.

Enter the Faraday Bag. A beacon of hope in an existence overrun by cybercrime.

What is a Faraday Bag?

So what exactly is a Faraday Bag? We’re glad you asked!

Let's rewind for a bit. In 1836, a brilliant scientist and inventor by the name of Michael Faraday created something called the ‘Faraday Cage’. The cage had a simple purpose; to keep out electromagnetic radiation. The cage was capable of protecting sensitive electronic equipment from external radio frequency interference (RFI) and people against electrostatic discharges.

Using the same principles, Faraday Bags are a type of Faraday cage made of flexible metallic fabric. As you might imagine, this invention has been a game changer.

Here is a closer look at the applications and why you might want to get yourself a Faraday Bag (spoiler alert: they provide incredible utility).

Faraday Bags Block All Types of Electromagnetic Signals

The main purpose of a Faraday Bag is to prevent your devices from emitting or receiving wireless signals. Data thieves and hackers in close proximity to you can use these very signals to remotely access your devices and steal your financial and personal information.

Next time you’re in a public place, you don’t have to worry about the damage wireless signals emitted by an unknowingly switched-on Bluetooth can do if your device is stored in a Faraday Pouch. In the long run, you can expect to save a lot of monetary and emotional stress.

Safeguard Your Health

There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation emitted from your devices can have an adverse impact on health.

Thanks to the amount of time we spend near our phones; we are bound to be overwhelmed by increasing and sometimes unavoidable sources of Electromagnetic Frequencies.

Over-exposure to EMF has been linked to headaches, sleep disturbances, and memory loss, among other ailments. More data along the same lines is even scarier. Some studies suggest exposure to EMF can result in an increased rate of life-threatening illnesses like cancer.

By placing your devices in a Faraday Bag, you can significantly reduce the risks given how all forms of EMF are blocked. Just to reiterate, any time, you need to give your body and mind a break from your devices and the Electromagnetic Frequencies emitted by them, a Faraday Bag should come in handy.

Alternatively, you can also switch off the Wi-Fi on your phone or keep your device in another room altogether when you are asleep!

One Bag, Multiple Devices

Here is a concerning fact - these days, even the tiniest of devices can be hacked. We’re talking about car remotes to cryptocurrency wallet hardware with all your crypto profits.

Having a Faraday Bag means you can keep multiple devices like your phone which usually contains your bank details and passwords to smaller apparatus like keyless car fobs and crypto wallets in one secure place.

It’s not just your financial data you have to worry about, you can actually have your car stolen if hackers manage to tap into the transmitter signal. If that’s not a nightmare scenario, we don’t know what is!

Disconnect to Reconnect

While we’d love to leave everything behind and relocate to the middle of nowhere every now and then; the reality is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to disconnect from the world.

However, a Faraday Bag is the next best thing to the aforementioned scenario. Simply placing your device in a Faraday Pouch can eliminate all contact with the world (including those pesky notifications) without the need to take extreme steps like catching a flight halfway across the world.

Say hello to peace of mind and the ability to reconnect with your environment! That is until you’re ready to pull your phone out and get back into the rut.

Faraday Bags are Perfectly Legal

In the recent past, Faraday Bags were utilized by law enforcement agencies and digital forensics experts to preserve the integrity of electronic evidence. They eliminated the threat posed by remote wiping or tampering of data during transportation or storage. They were also used as a way to get a leg up on unwanted surveillance.

These days, thanks to innovative companies like Ferronato that leverage premium metalised fabrics, this technology is now available to common consumers.

Despite the past professional application, Faraday Bags are completely legal and might even be considered a necessity. It’s not about having something to hide, but rather loads to protect as we will discuss in the next point.

Perfect for Travel & Sensitive Work

Did you know? Your phone’s microphone and camera can be remotely accessed. This should be a factor of great concern especially if your work entails the exchange of sensitive data and information. There is no better solution to this predicament than a Faraday Bag that ensures you are protected from the threat of being watched or listened to. Finally, a way to ensure you’re in complete control of your privacy.

These bags are equally popular with travellers who seek an added layer of protection for their electronic devices while they are on the go. Considering how your phone can be tracked even in flight mode, the metallised fabric of the bag ensures that compromised devices become a thing of the past

Be a Champion of Other People’s Data

And finally, in the unfortunate event that your data is stolen, it’s just not you who suffers. The reality is that our phones and laptops house information, photos and text messages from the people closest to us that we wouldn’t want strangers to avail.

Being unprotected is simply not worth the risk. By investing in a Faraday Bag, you’re championing the protection of their data in addition to yours. And that’s what heroes do.


Now that you’re familiar with the threat data breaches pose to our lives, you’ll be glad to know that true safety and uninterrupted privacy are no more a pipe dream. Faraday Bags have made these much-needed aspects a reality.

But in case you were still wondering ‘Do Faraday Bags work well?’; the answer is a resounding YES. There are multiple studies carried out by reputable organisations that have reiterated the effectiveness of these bags in blocking all types of signals from Bluetooth, WiFi, GSM, and more.

However, keep in mind that not all Faraday Bags are created equal. The technology contained within the bag plays an important role in how and to what extent you or your data is protected.

Ferranato’s range of product offerings uses an incredibly sophisticated metallic fabric called MetaFab that is made and tested in our labs in Switzerland, and premium handcrafted Italian leather on the outside to deliver top-notch performance, always. If you’re looking for a range of Faraday Bags, Wallets, Pouches, and even Vaults, feel free to explore our online shop.

On that note, that’s it from us at Ferronato for now. Here is to your privacy and wellness.



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