«Imagine a world where the power to control your
privacy and well-being rests in your hands»

We are Ferronato

We're driven by the vision of turning freedom of choice into a reality. Ferronato was born in 2022,
continuing the remarkable 117-year legacy of our parent company KGS Diamond Group.

True to our Swiss DNA of constant innovation, we offer products that help you take back control and stay
protected from the threat electromagnetic radiation, data theft, and security breaches pose to the world.

The Lightbulb Moment: Redefining Privacy.
Enhancing Well-Being.

The rise in digital tracking and cybercrime has triggered significant concern about the perils of technology. This sparked the idea for us to bring our premier shielding fabric which harbours the capability to block all electromagnetic frequencies, to the consumer world for the very first time. The fabric was launched by KGS in the '90s, perfected over 3 decades, and has been used by large businesses all over the world.

With Ferronato, we aim to protect people and their well-being by shielding them from Electromagnetic Frequencies and their consequences

«With our guiding ethos of authenticity
and excellence, we strive to redefine the very essence of
what it means to be safe and stay secure»

Heart & Soul: Swiss Innovation Meets
Luxury Italian Craftsmanship

The production of each Ferronato product is a labour of love and passion that entails care and immense attention to detail.

We use exquisite luxury materials to craft each piece while paying homage to our Italian roots. The metallised fabric contained within brings to the fore our proprietary Swiss technology.

The marriage of the two results in something truly extraordinary. The world’s first line of fine leather goods with privacy technology, built to stand the test of time.

«We like to think of our accessories as works of art that
elevate your presence and symbolize our values as a brand»

Join the Community

With each Ferronato purchase, you join a community of like-minded
individuals who value discretion. Our handcrafted pieces allow you to
unplug from distractions and safeguard your health, at your will.

« Ferronato is for those who seek to disconnect and
appreciate the finer things in life. »