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Make Radiation Exposure a Thing of the Past

The once modest mobile phone is now more than just a gadget. For most people, it’s an extension of their arm. Since cell phones are barely 2 decades old, there wasn’t much information on whether device radiation is a risk factor. But there is now a growing body of evidence to suggest radiation exposure can cause headaches and impact several aspects of health including sleep and fertility.

The Ferronato Phone Case gives you the freedom to use your device without having to worry about the imminent threat posed by the radiation it emits.

We use our proprietary Swiss innovation Metafab™ Technology and embed it inside each Phone Case thus attenuating up to 95% of harmful radiation exposure*. Experience peace of mind that stems from knowing your well-being is consistently protected.

No Radiation
Starting at $ 125
Delivery Estimated From: March 17

A blend of premium luxurious Italian calf leather on the outside & Swiss metallised fabric on the inside offer protection for you and your device.
Creates a barrier between your device and your body to block up to 95% radio frequency radiation* from 5G, cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth and extremely low frequencies between 0-90 Ghz. However, it does not disable these signals, which means you are still always reachable.
Hand-crafted by Italian artisans with decades of experience. Our phone case is exquisite to the touch, built to last, and promises to turn heads wherever you go.

*Results based on our testing using a Safe and Sound Pro II RF Meter in real-world scenarios. Results may vary depending on several factors.


Made with premium Italian calfskin leather and high-end MetaFab®.


Estimated delivery time is 6-10 days.

Disclaimer: Please note that we can't always guarantee the exact delivery time due to varying factors such as your region and carrier's speed. We aim to dispatch all orders within 2 days. You’ll receive a tracking number by email with information from the courier and an expected arrival date.


Inside each Ferronato product is a lining made of Metafab™, our Swiss-engineered, metallised fabric. With its powerful signal-blocking capabilities, Metafab™ shields devices and cards from electromagnetic interferences, keeping your data safe. Our range of products are lined in such a way with Metafab™ so as to protect your body from exposure to harmful electromagnetic waves emitted from your devices. 

Italian Handcrafted

Each Ferronato piece is handcrafted down to the last detail by the finest ateliers in Italy, using premium quality leather.

Protected With Style

    Owning a Ferronato piece means always having the freedom of choice. Choosing to safeguard  your precious data, or choosing to protect yourself against exposure to harmful electromagnetic waves. These choices are sacred.

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